Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Review 2021

The thrill and adrenaline rush which we go through with our riding experience is on another level. The main concern at present as well as in past is safety. Gone were the days when Mountain Bike Helmets were Hot, Heavy and bulky, these were the main reasons where some avoided them and face huge risk. But now most of these which we can say as Best Mountain Bike Helmets which are for full face have evolved so much that all of the three factors has been minimized at the same time the overall safety rating got better with them.

In this guide we have chose only the Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets, we have put over extensive research and followed our strict protocols which are completely unbiased irrespective of the brands rating and their marketing tactics.

With the improvement in the overall mountain bike technology, present trail’s and enduro focused mountain bikes gone to another level. Still irrespective of their advancements in bike power, control and build quality, the less weight and more control gives more flexibility which requires more attention.

On a thrilling ride with Mountain Bike, when the adrenaline pumps and crave for more, a fully attentive mind takes sole responsibility for a safe trail end. Although we usually jump with the gut feeling that nothing bad will happen, still the Face and Head can not be compromised in any circumstances especially when the Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets have evolved so much that the point of hesitation has been minimized.

After setting up yourself, you might get few common questions that are these Full face mountain bike helmets better than open face helmets. The answer to this is yes they are in almost any comparison apart from the weight.

The Full Faced Mountain Bike Helmets doesn’t lag in any way while comparing them with normal open face helmets. The safety is much better, ventilation can be debatable but with the Multiple air vents which are carved in its design are what makes them cool. Lastly the weight, to be honest the Full Face Helmets which are designed for Mountain bike have slightly more weight than open face, still according to research and what we have observed is that having certain amount of weight around our head gives us overall better control while we have to swish through the rocky terrains and that’s why we came up with results and Full faced mountain bike helmets are better in almost every criteria while comparing them with normal and open face helmets.

Which are the best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

Leatt DBX 4.0
Giro Switchblade MIPS
Bell Super Air R MIPS
Fox Racing Rampage Carbon
Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS
Best Mountain Bike Helmet Full Face 2021

Buying Guide – How Do I Choose Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

How Do Mountain Bike Helmets Work

Mountain Bike Helmets which are full faced have the rigid structure which is made of two layers. The outer layer and the inner layer.

The outer layer is polycarbonate layer which is hard and protects the overall structure of the helmet from tough collisons, whereas the inner layer is of polystyrene foam which is also known as EPS foam.

The benefit of the inner EPS foam is that it is not rigid and gives flexibility. It lets the helmet to skid and doesn’t hold the head and neck.

This overall structure is lightweight as well as durable.

Things to look for in Mountain Bike Helmets

MIPS and other Anti Rotational features

The MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. The main purpose of it is to provide an extra layer of security in case of collision.

The methodology is simple and works upon physics principle. In an event of collision the normal helmets provides safety to direct bumps, while till certain degrees it saves from extreme injuries but in few cases when the impact is heavy it leads to major ones which might end up with trauma.

To minimize it, the MIPS which is a multi directional impact protection directly works on collision event and provides an extra layer which reduces the friction and minimizes the risk of trauma.

By the friction at collision event means that in one case it gives a direct impact to brain and with MIPS enabled, it reduces that impact by minimizing the friction.


The cooling vents in the full face mountain bike helmet is must considered as that will decide how far you can go. The vents near the chin, ear and heads area gives ample ventilation restrain the heat and sweats.

Although if for cooler places you can avoid this feature and can go with full protection and extra safety but for the ones who trail at hot places as well or normal temperature places, this needs to be considered.


Ancillary Protection

Eyewear Compatibility

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best full face mountain bike helmet?

Leatt DBX and Fox Proframe are among the best mountain bike helmets which are full faced and having excellent safety.

Should I wear a full face helmet for mountain biking?

The Full face helmet provides an extra safety and it is recommended that whenever you go to trail or extreme events having a Full face Helmet is always better than normal helmets.

Can you wear a road helmet for mountain biking?

The normal road helmets are very bulky and heavy with less vents, although you can wear them if you do not have Mountain bike helmet.

Are full face helmets for mountain biking safer?

Full face mountain bike helmets provides an extra layer of security and not only head they protects the jaw and your face for any light as well as major collisions.

What is the difference between mountain bike (MTB) helmet and road helmets?

The Road helmets are much bulkier and heavy then the MTB mountain bike helmets the ease of accessibility and comfortness gets compromised with them as on mountain bike we have to flex much and a helmet dedicated to mountain bikes is always better choice rather than the normal road helmets.

Are MIPS helmet for mountain biking worth?

MIPS is an excellent technology based on physics which saves you from all major collisions and reduces the chances of getting traumatized.

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