Leatt DBX 4.0 Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Review

Leat which was launched in 2006 quickly gained traction and became a leader in neck brace. After that the company jumped into innovation and diversified themselves in protection gear especially for the motocross to downhill sports.

The Leat DBX 4.0 Full Face Helmet for Mountain bike is among the best rated in safety as well as accessibility. The main concern where people tend to go for open face helmets is as they find the full face helmets heavy and bulky. The best part about Leat DBX 4.00 is that it came from the company which have proved themselves with their innovation for safety gears. After extensive research they jumped into the open face, convertible, and full face mountain bike helmets.

Leat DBX 4.0 has been precisely crafted after keeping all the consideration which we crave as well the things which turn off.

Weight & Vent

Although you might find other similar Helmets which are full faced and ideal for Mountain biking at slightly less weight, but the 850 grams doesn’t feel much heavy while seeing the multiple vents giving proper ventilation.

The weight is promising and neither its lightest nor the bulky. The heat dissipation has been carefully taken care with overall build structure and fitting as many vents as possible after researching carefully.

Safety – MIPS & Turbine Tech

The Leat DBX 4.0’s slight addon with weight gives it extra safety and it stands straight with each of the safety parameters.

Over to comfortable part, on one end the padding looks much around the cheek areas while the other looks bit lean. The EPS as well as EPO foam which has been used to craft the Lead DBX 4.0’s design has been carefully placed and gives a proper comfort and fit.

The outer layer is of complete hard polycarbonate which can withstand all of the heavy impacts.

The main difference between DBX 4.0 and other full face helmets is that the MIPS technology has been missing in it, Because Leat’s own impact absorption tech which is named as Turbine technology has replaced it.

The methodology of both of them are same but as per the Leat’s claim, As they also patented it, this can absorb up to 30% of head impact at sever level and around 40% of rotational impacts.

The flexible, rotating pads which are placed throughout the structure after careful research have provided the above results which are pretty self explanatory in itself.

Although till now we only saw the MIPS tech which is being used in helmets but as stated above, the Leat is among those brands which truly research and innovate resultant, MIPS competing directly from Leat’s Turbine Tech.

Visor & Other Features

Only place so far where the Leat DBX 4.0 lacks is the adjustable visor. Leat in order to provide sturdy and much ventilated full face helmet for mountain bikers didn’t provided the flexible visor. Although it is not 100% clear as what was the motive behind that but we must gonna miss the goggles with open visor.

On the other hand, the sturdy rubber and ventilation aperture over chin looks promising in design as well as safety. Moreover you can go into full fledged trailing irrespective of rocks and dust due to its complete visor block and chin rubber vent where you will be saved from rocks dust or other particles and can get full attention.


Leat DBX 4.0 is an excellent full face mountain bike helmet which stands apart from its competitors in safety, heat dissipation weight.

The overall design with extra EPS foam around the specific parts is quite comfortable. So far the results from Leat’s Turbine tech are quite promising and it is no less than the MIPS technology.

The overall design, vents, premium EPS and EPO foam combined with turbine tech resulting in a promising weight of around 850 gms makes Leat DBX 4.0 one of the best full face helmet for mountain biking.

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